University of Southern Indiana

Educator's Legal Liability

University of Southern Indiana 
Office of Risk Management and Safety

School and Educators Legal Liability Coverage

INSURER: United Educators Insurance RRG, Inc.

POLICY NUMBER: ELS201400100300

POLICY PERIOD: 10/19/2014 - 10/19/2015


LIMIT OF LIABILITY: $11,000,000 each claim; $11,000,000 annual aggregate


RETENTION: $50,000

PREMIUM: $39,835


  1. USI and its Board of Trustees and all persons who were, now are, or shall be its:
    1. Elected or appointed members of its Board of Trustees;
    2. Employees;
    3. Student teachers teaching as part of their educational requirement;
    4. Volunteers; and
    5. Students while serving in a supervised internship program sponsored by USI.

The persons described above are insureds but only while acting within the scope of their duties for, or for activities sponsored by USI.


  1. Means any breach of duty, neglect, error, omission, misstatement, or misleading statement committed by an insured:
    1. In the lawful discharge of the duties that are characteristic of, distinctive or inherent to the operation and functioning of an educational institution, and
    2. While acting within the course and scope of their duties for USI.
    1. Includes:
      1. Failure to educate
      2. Negligence in instruction
      3. Inadequate or negligent academic guidance
      4. Employment related wrongful acts are limited to actual or alleged:
        1. Discrimination
        2. Workplace harassment
        3. Wrongful termination
        4. Workplace Tort 


  1. Intentional or criminal act
  2. Insurance
  3. Bodily injury, personal and advertising injury or property damage
  4. Illegal financial gain
  5. Employee Retirement Income Security Act
  6. Fidelity
  7. Employee benefit plan
  8. Workers Compensation
  9. Employers Liability
  10. Contractual
  11. Intellectual property rights
  12. War
  13. Physical modifications and changes in business operations
  14. Professional health care services
  15. Abuse and molestation
  16. Asbestos
  17. Lead
  18. Pollution
  19. Fungi or bacteria
  20. Nuclear energy liability

The above is listed only as a summary of coverage. Terms and conditions as listed in the actual policy take precedent. If you have questions about any of the above, please contact  812-461-5393.


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