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University Directory Headshot Procedure

USI Cheerleaders at Homecoming

The University of Southern Indiana online headshot directory and database delivers headshots to faculty and staff listings on web pages, faculty homepages and the USI phone directory. The same photograph is also used for Outlook. It is important that all images in this directory are recent and maintain a consistent look.

Photography and Multimedia takes headshots of individuals accented by standard lighting and a tasteful background. Headshots are taken in the photography studio at the Publishing Services Center. Photography and Multimedia will select the best photo, email a copy to the individual and load the image to the online photo directory database. Contact Photography and Multimedia, 812-465-7130 or, for a list of open studio days or to make other arrangements for a photograph. 

Individuals who do not want an image to appear on the USI website or in publications must complete an opt-out form. (use your USI credentials to log in)

Following are the acceptable and preferred methods for headshot database photographs: 

  1. Use a headshot photograph taken by Photography and Multimedia within the past five years.
  2. Headshots older than five years will be scheduled and retaken by Photography and Multimedia.
  3. For individuals who cannot come to campus, a placeholder will be used indicating that no photograph is available.

Due to issues with size, quality and consistency, submitted headshots -  personal or professional - will not be accepted for the USI headshot database. Questions can be directed to the director of

Contact Photography and Multimedia


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