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Limits of Services

Photography and Multimedia does not offer services for the following:

  • departmental gatherings, retirement parties or ceremonies and other non-academic events
  • student groups or head shots that are not being used in University publications
  • award photos
  • event photography that is not directly related to the mission of the University or it's publications
  • passports or identification card photos

If you need a photographer for any of the above, we can refer you to a freelance student or professional photographer who works outside the University. Any agreements you draw up with the free lance photographer are between the two parties. The photographer will provide their own lights, back drops and camera equipment. They will deliver you with your photos in whatever way you agree upon. You will pay them directly for their services rendered.

The manager of Photography and Multimedia and the director of University Communications reserve the right to refuse photo requests based on the availability of photographers and the priority of use of University resources.


The manager of Photography and Multimedia and the director of University Communications reserve the right to give priority to photo/multimedia assignments or requests that directly relate to the University mission, marketing or community relations.

The Photography and Multimedia schedule can fill up quickly. It is recommended to submit photo requests well in advance. Priority may be given to those who have already scheduled photo shoots.


All images taken by Photography and Multimedia are copyrighted and the property of the department and the University, and will become a part of the University's photography archives. 

Images provided in public galleries may be used for personal use and sharing. Images in public or private galleries cannot be used for resale, publication, promotion or other use without prior written consent from the University.

Photography and Multimedia can provide a copyright release for images that have been approved for third-party orders or other approved uses outside the University.


Due to limited staff available at this time, video and multimedia projects (such as slideshows) created by Photography and Multimedia must be approved by the director of University Communications. The primary focus at this time is on marketing and recruitment videos. If we cannot assist you with your project, we will do everything possible to connect you with other resources. Video or multimedia projects created outside of University Communications, and intended for an external audience, should be reviewed and approved by the director of University Communications before being shared with external audiences through direct viewing, websites, social media or other means. 

Video/Multimedia projects will be priced on a case-by-case basis. After the project is reviewed and approved, Photography and Multimedia will provide a written quote for the project based on overall length, shooting and editing time, music and graphic license fees, travel and other factors.

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