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Lunch & Learn Programs on Presentation Skills

Are you comfortable presenting to a group? Many people get nervous, have trouble organizing their thoughts, or get tongue tied trying to deliver their message. We offer several topics that can help the presenter deliver their message professionally. These modules can be delivered in a one hour Lunch-N-Learn format or all modules in one day. Some examples are:

  1. Speaking Anxiety and Self Management - The truth about the fear of public speaking and its causes, Using the anxiety to your advantage, Specific techniques for overcoming the fear.
  2. Presentation Styles - The 3 main styles, Identifying your natural style and playing to its strengths, Borrowing key aspects from the other styles. 
  3. Vocal Power - Using your voice to project confidence and engage your audience, Improving the sound of your voice, Reviewing and applying tips from professional speakers.
  4. Facilitating Meetings - Establishing control while continuing to engage attendees, Working through distractions and participant dynamics, choosing when to use visual aids and when not to use them. 
  5. Managing Unspoken Messages - How you say it is as important as what you say, Impact of eye contact, facial expressions, and gestures. 

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