University of Southern Indiana


"The CAP program allowed me to graduate in four years. Otherwise, I would have been going for another semester. I would recommend this program to any student." (OPRA 2014 4 Year Out Survey, former CAP student comment)

"Students are experiencing more academic rigor and learning critical thinking skills that will benefit them as they continue their college education." (OPRA 2010 School Impact Survey, high school principal comment)

"CAP offers a financial advantage to my students and is a more practical option for many than taking a gamble on the AP exam." (OPRA 2010 School Impact Sruvey, high school CAP instructor

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"With the increased rigor of the course being offered at our school, students have learned that they are capable of being successful and understand better the expectations of college-level work." (OPRA 2010 School Impact Survey, high school counselor comment)

"I am very grateful for my CAP experience in high school. It challenged me while I was in high school and it also let me hold myself to a higher standard in college. Because of these CAP classes, along with a new found motivation for learning, I was able to complete my 3 year bachelor degree in 3 years." (OPRA 2014 4 Year Out Survey, former CAP student comment)

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