University of Southern Indiana

2016-2017 RCR Committee




Dr. Roxanne Beckham, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Mrs. Lorinda Coan, Assistant Professor of Dental Hygiene

Ms. Ruth Metzger, Grantwriter and Coordinator of Interprofessional Education

Dr. Jeff Seyler, Department of Chemistry Chair

Dr. Melissa Stacer, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Studies

Dr. Hui Shi, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Dr. Wendy Turner-Frey, Associate Professor of Social Work

Ex-Officio Members:

Rebecca Deeg, MPA, Grant Administrator, OSPRA

Emily Lynn, MHA, Grant Administrator, OSPRA

Institutional Official:

Dr. Katherine Draughon, Executive Director of the  Office of Sponsored Projects and Research Administration (OSPRA) and the Office of Planning, Research, and Assessment (OPRA)


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