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Grant Management Guide

The Grant Management Guide includes any information principal investigators (PI) and project directors (PD) need to understand and execute their responsibilities on externally funded projects. 

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Grant Management Guide

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Life Cycle of a Grant

Proposal Development and Submission Process

A. External Grant Proposal Development and Submission Overview

List of Common Proposal Components

Additional Attachments

Submit Proposal for Internal Approval

B. Internal Grant Proposal Development and Submission Overview

C. USI Financial Conflict of Interest Policy

D. Faculty Workload Assignment Policy

E. Budget Development

Cost Categories

Allowable and Unallowable Costs (with sample list)


Faculty Compensation

Administrative and Clerical Employees Compensation

Supplemental Compensation

Cost Sharing

F. Submitting Grants in Cayuse 424

Submitting External Grants

Submitting Internal Grants

Receiving an Award

Sub Awards

Management of Funds

A. Responsibilities

Principle Investigator Responsibilities

Financial Manager Responsibilities

USI Accounting Contact Responsibilities

B. Cost Sharing

C. Cost Transfers

D. Budget Adjustments

E. Effort Certification

Non-Financial Reporting/Progress Reports

Glossary of Common Terms


A. Budget Justification Example

B. Biographical Sketch Example

C. OSPRA Grant Application Pre-Notification Form

D. External Grant Proposal Review Cycle Policy

E. Effort Certification Policy and Report Example


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