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Course Evaluation Delivery Method Comparison

Online Evaluations

computerThe online process requires no class time. In courses utilizing online course evaluations, students can expect to receive an invitation email containing the link and password to access the evaluation for the course.

Invitation emails are sent to students' email address.  Students may also access the evaluation through Blackboard Integration for online courses is available under a Class Climate header or under the 'Organization' tab on the student's Blackboard homepage.

The instructor name, course ID, and course title appear in the invitation email and at the top of the evaluation.

Reminder emails will be sent to students who do not complete the course evaluation.

Paper Evaluations

testPaper evaluations are completed during class time. In courses utilizing paper course evaluations, students can expect to receive the paper evaluations anytime during the final two weeks of the semester prior to finals.

An instructor can expect the evaluation packets by the Friday before the course evaluation period begins.

Instructor involvement ends after the instructions (found on the back of the evaluation packet) are read to the class.

Once the packet is handed to a student proctor, the instructor is to leave the classroom.

The student proctor distributes and collects the course evaluations

After sealing the course evaluations in a provided envelope, the student proctor takes the evaluations to the College office.

Paper Course Evaluation Instruction Form

Paper course evaluations are linked to the course by a barcode located on the bottom of the page. Paper forms should not be used in courses for which they are not designated.

If you are missing a course packet, contact Planning, Research & Assessment immediately.