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Online Course Development Program

Online Learning offers an Online Course Development Program (OCDP) three times a year.

Faculty will participate in the OCDP in cohorts. Each cohort will develop online courses for the following semester. For example, the Spring 2018 OCDP cohort will develop Summer 2018 courses; the Summer 2018 OCDP cohort will develop Fall 2018 courses, etc. 

The OCDP is open to USI full-time faculty members and USI full-time employees. After the course is fully developed and fulfills the program requirements, eligible faculty may earn a stipend, $750 per credit hour, not to exceed $3,000. 

The OCDP was established to encourage and accelerate the development of quality online courses and programs that align with the university's strategic priorities. These priorities include, but are not limited to, the development of courses for Core 39, the Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS), and online degree programs. Priority for selection is also given to courses that will be 100% online, and courses in high demand.

Program Highlights

The faculty is properly informed the estimate time commitment (60+ hours) to complete the program requirements. By submitting a proposal and approval form, the faculty agrees to:

  • Attend the on-campus APPQMR Quality Matters workshop at the beginning of the semester
  • Attend 2 cohort sessions (each of them is 60 minutes long)
  • Complete all module activities within the OCDP Blackboard site
  • Attend scheduled meetings with assigned instructional designer
  • Present his/her work at the faculty showcase event at the end of the program
  • Develop the entire course (including lectures, quizzes, assignments, projects, exams, etc.) prior to the QM Review
  • Participate in the internal QM review and make the necessary changes (if any) to meet QM standards

Additional Information 

a) Program Schedule

b) Stipend

  • A $750 per credit hour up to a maximum of $3,000 stipend per course will be paid to Eligible Participants who develop a course approved through the peer review process. The stipend will be divided equally if two or more participants work together in the development of a course.
  • Participants may receive only one stipend per semester under the program. 
  • The development of the course is considered to be a Work-Made-for-Hire under USI's Intellectual Property Policy. 
  • The stipend will be released only after participants have completed the OCDP Program Requirements
  • If selected, stipends paid pursuant to this Program are Academic Supplemental or Supplemental pay under the university's Stipend and Supplemental Pay Policy.
  • For faculty, stipends paid pursuant to this Program pay for the performance of duties that are outside the scope of the academic period of their contracted agreement and, for administrative staff, for the performance of duties that are outside the usual position function and schedule.

c) Application Process for the Spring 2018 Cohort 

  1. Download the Summer 2018 Proposal and Approval Form
  2. Submit the completed form with the required signatures to by Dec. 8, 2017. You may also mail it to Forum Wing, Room 0030. 

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