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Exam Proctoring

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Many online courses require exam proctoring. If a student is unable to attend a scheduled proctored exam with the instructor, he/she may schedule a proctored exam on campus at Online Learning or with an approved external proctor.

Online Learning Proctoring

Online Learning provides exam-proctoring services for students Tuesdays 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. and Wednesdays 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Instructor Responsibilities:

  1. Notify at least one week prior to dates of the anticipated need for proctoring services.
  2. Provide with a list of students requiring proctoring services.
  3. Email the exam with a completed Exam Proctoring Instructions Form to  at least two business days before scheduled exam appointments.

Student Responsibilities:

  1. At least three business days before the date of proctored exam, call Online Learning at 812-465-1010 or email to schedule your exam.
  2. Inform your instructor of your scheduled exam appointment with Online Learning.
  3. Arrive at Online Learning (FA29) for your exam with a photo ID and permitted exam materials.

External Proctoring

An external proctor may be approved from the following list:

  • a school superintendent, principal, counselor, or teacher
  • an administrator or librarian of a college or university
  • a workplace company executive, administrator, or senior supervisor
  • a commissioned officer whose rank is higher than the student’s (military)

Please note, relatives, friends, or non-qualified individuals may not serve as external proctors. Online Learning will screen each potential proctor.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Request permission from your instructor to utilize an external proctor for your exam(s).
  2. Complete the Student portion of the External Exam Proctoring Request Form.
  3. Identify a potential external proctor and provide the External Exam Proctoring Request Form (with Student portion completed).
  4. Instruct the individual to complete the External Proctor portion of the External Exam Proctoring Request Form and have he/she email the completed form to . NOTE – request form must be sent to by the proctor and from the proctor’s email address. Please note that some external proctors may require a fee. You are responsible for any fees.
  5. Contact your approved external proctor at least five business days before each exam due date to schedule your exam.
  6. Inform your instructor and Online Learning after you have scheduled each exam. Call 812-465-1010 or email

Instructor Responsibilities

  1. Provide  with a list of students approved for external proctoring services.
  2. Email the exam with a completed Exam Proctoring Instructions Form to  at least two business days before the student’s exam appointment.

For paper/pencil exams, the completed exam is sent to the instructor directly from the proctor. When the exam arrives, verify the legibility of exam and notify proctor that he/she may shred original copy.

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