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USI class makes second attempt to break world record

USI class makes second attempt to break world record

11/15/2012 | University Communications

The engineering design and analysis class at the University of Southern Indiana will be conducting its 10th high altitude balloon flight,  during which the class will make a second attempt to set a world record for the highest altitude release of a paper airplane, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, November 17. The first attempt on October 27 failed when the balloon ruptured before its target altitude.

The current record is held by The Register’s Special Projects Bureau in the United Kingdom. The record was set in October 2010 with the launch of their PARIS Vulture 1 spaceplane. The Register recently learned about USI’s attempt to the break the record and will be following and reporting on the project from the UK. You can see the full story in the The Register at

The USI class plans to launch the balloon from near Fairfield, Illinois. 

Mission Control for the event will be located in USI’s Business and Engineering Center Room 1005. Interested parties will be able to view the launch and the flight trajectory of both the balloon and the paper airplane.

The trajectory of the balloon can be viewed online at using the call sign W9MOK.

The trajectory of the paper airplane can also be followed using the call sign W9MOK-2.

For more information about the launch, contact Dr. Glen Kissel, associate professor of engineering, at 812/746-9981 or

"We are greatly indebted to StratoStar, LLC, for loaning us the piece of equipment used to track the plane and to the Tristate Amateur Radio Society for assisting us in tracking the Automatic Position Reporting System (APRS) devices on the balloon and plane," Kissel said.

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