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A new identity initiative for USI

A new identity initiative for USI

10/23/2012 | University Communications
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In fall 2009, at the beginning of Dr. Linda L. M. Bennett’s first year as president, all employees were asked to participate in a strategic planning process for the University of Southern Indiana.

At listening sessions, we were asked to identify USI’s core values and share our dreams for the University’s future. We talked about USI’s academic excellence, exemplary outreach, inspirational environments, and strong sense of community. Among our dreams for USI are increased diversity, student activities, graduate programs, and campus pride.

Another thing that emerged was a desire among USI employees to increase our visibility.

From our Core Values:

A need to advertise the university to improve our reputation, retention, and recruitment

  • Advertise the university
  • Improve reputation
  • Continue recruiting top students
  • Retention

From our Dreams:

Improve our image and increase our visibility and state recognition

  • "Toot its own horn"
  • Advertise USI
  • Image improves and is respected
  • More state recognition/funding

First we took out ads and billboards to celebrate the milestone of reaching 30,000 alumni, followed by a campaign highlighting student success. Real USI, our first formal advertising campaign, appeared in print and online publications and was splashed on billboards across the region to overwhelmingly positive response.

And now, USI is announcing a bold new identity initiative based on the advantages USI provides to its students, alumni, community partners, and greater region: Get the Edge. You will see Get the Edge across campus, on billboards, in print ads and commercials, and on items in the USI Bookstore.

USI students get the edge from top-notch faculty and programs, including more service learning, study abroad, and other experiential learning opportunities than ever before. Because of their preparation at USI, our alumni get the edge over the competition in the job market. The community and region get the edge through our innumerable outreach programs.

USI gives its constituencies the edge in so many ways, and it does so through you, its employees. This identity initiative began with you, and it comes back to you. What is your example of how to get the edge through USI? Let us know here:



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