University of Southern Indiana

Art Students' Perspectives

Enjoli Drake 

My goal with every show I do is to touch someone and make them want to be the change they want to see in the world.

—Enjoli Drake, Actor, 2017

 Brandis Dewilligen

As a theatre major, I know that at the end of my four years here, I will have lived hundreds of lives, and I will be going on to live thousands more.

—Brandis DeWilligen, Actor, 2015

 Kelli Tincher

I use primary colors and geometric shapes to show the simplicity of everything around us. It’s beautiful, painting the simplicities of life.

—Kelli Tincher, Painter, 2013  

 Alexandria Bailey2

I used to be a two-dimensional artist, but then I took ceramics and decided to work in that medium because I really enjoy how personal it is. I can easily work with the clay, manipulating it with my own hands (and feet, which I have done) to create so many forms.

—Alex Bailey, Ceramist, 2014

 Evan Boyer

I enjoy working in the medium of printmaking, because it is so versatile. There is a possibility for anything, after you have the basic understanding of the processes involved.

—Evan Boyer, Printmaker, 2014

 Casey Noonan2

I aim to inform, inspire, and influence society through creating art about the world we all live in, not just my own world. I believe that what you don’t see in a photograph is just as important as what you do see. A picture doesn’t end at the paper it’s printed on. —Casey Noonan, Photographer, 2014

 Laura Everest

Design allows me to creatively express my style and solve problems.

—Laura Everest, Graphic Designer, 2013

 Matt Perez

I use chicken wire because it’s cheap, and I can find it anywhere. I’ve also fallen in love with the idea of making a common item used in everyday living into a work of art.

—Matt Perez, Sculptor, 2014

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