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What is fUSIon?
fUSIon is the University of Southern Indiana's new discovery tool for books, journals, newspaper articles, videos, sound recordings, digital images, and so much more!

How do I use fUSIon?
This is the easy part, just locate the search box on the main page of the library's website and type your topic in the search box below the fUSIon logo. We already have the search box defaulting to search "Everything".

What does search Everything mean?
This means your search results may include books from the catalog, articles from our library subscribed databases, possibly items from our digital collections, and our Research Guides.

Wait, you say this is too much information, can I just look up books or articles?
Of course you can limit your search, just choose the appropriate tab, "Books" for items in our catalogs including media, "Articles" for journals and newspapers, and so on. 

What happens after I click "Search"?
After you click "Search" you will be taken to the fUSIon site where you will find your results.  From there you can explore your results, use the tools in the left column to limit your results, or start all over again with a "New Search".  If you miss us at the library website, look in the upper right of the page for links back to library web pages.

What if I run into a problem or need help?
If you have questions, at the top or the bottom of the fUSIon page there is a "Contact Us" link that will allow you to reach a librarian through chat during regular Reference hours, or allow you to email your question, along with library phone numbers.

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