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  • Journalism in Pakistan | PHOTO GALLERY
    Journalism in Pakistan | PHOTO GALLERY

    Journalism students learned about life as a reporter in Pakistan from Kashif Khalid in August. Khalid writes about war and terrorism and has been kidnapped twice. View photo gallery.

  • The Art of China
    The Art of China

    USI art students take a break from an art and architecture tour in China - lead by Virginia Poston, instructor of art history - to enjoy some tobogganing.

  • Social Work
    Social Work

    Students in USI's fully accredited social work programs gain field experience before graduation.

  • Language Learning in China
    Language Learning in China

    USI students learn Chinese language and culture at Southwest University in Chongqing, guided by Lin Pang Adams, instructor in Chinese.

Faculty Achievements
Dr. Amy Montz's book collaboration is now available in print

Amy L. Montz, co-edited, co-authored the introduction and independently wrote an essay for the book Female Rebellion in Young Adult Dystopian Fiction, which is now in print through the academic press, Ashgate Press:

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    Martin Luther King, Jr. letter found by history students
  • College Spotlight
    Opportunity leads student to Hollywood
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