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Mission and Vision


Commensurate with the University's mission of "preparing students to live wisely," the mission of the philosophy program is to acquaint students with the ideas and tools necessary to live a thoughtful and examined life. The study of philosophy clarifies and deepens students' understanding of foundational ideas and issues such as the possibility of knowledge, the requirements of rationality, the existence of divinity, the nature of morality and wisdom and the relationship between mind and body. The philosophy program also gives students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with important critical thinking tools including the application of theory to practice, the development of a reasoned argument, the evaluation of claims, the appreciation of diverse perspectives, a healthy skepticism and the organization and communication of information. Ultimately, the philosophy program seeks to prepare students to deal with the complexities of life, which offers challenges that are often neither simple nor obvious.


The philosophy program at the University of Southern Indiana seeks to maintain the strong foundation established and grow as an active and essential part of the College of Liberal Arts. To achieve this growth the philosophy program will endeavor to:

  • Have its courses taught predominately by full-time faculty.
  • Significantly increase the number of majors and minors in the program.
  • Forge new interdisciplinary relationships.
  • Engage more students outside of the classroom through clubs and activities such as the Philosophy Club and Ethics Bowl.
  • Provide a wider range of upper division courses.

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