University of Southern Indiana

Departmental Learning Outcomes

Over the course of their majors, students should become increasingly adept at the following:

Learning Outcome #1

Thinking objectively about issues and arguments, not being unduly swayed by emotion and irrational personal preferences.

Learning Outcome #2

Thinking independently rather than primarily relying on others' opinions. 

Learning Outcome #3

Developing open-mindedness, including understanding opposing views and appreciating the need for this understanding.

Learning Outcome #4

Recognizing the myriad ways that philosophical principles apply to everyday experiences and life, such as how ethical theories apply to contemporary social issues.

Learning Outcome #5

Cultivating critical and analytical thinking: penetrate deeply and critically into issues, rather than merely settling for a superficial understanding.  Synthesize and contrast various abstract ideas.  

Learning Outcome #6

Accepting both personal and social responsibility.

Learning Outcomes #7

Acquiring a broad perception of the world and the interconnectedness of its inhabitants, including a basic understanding of major historical philosophical figures and themes.

Learning Outcome #8

Communicating clearly and succinctly both orally and in writing.  

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