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2015 MPA graduate Meschac Gervais working to assess community needs in Africa

     Gervais is working with One World Children's Fund as their Director of Impact to evaluate the status of          their projects abroad in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. His assessments of their            needs, priorities and future steps will help keep them on the right path to building better communities in      Africa. 

     His recent visit and work with the Children's Fund is demonstrative of exactly what the skills that the            MPA program teaches can do in the workforce.         

MPA Student Malcom Krepp publishes in peer reviewed journal

MPA student Malcom Krepp lays out a theoretical framework for a new classification system for food security in his first published work. Malcom began his career as an MPA student in January of 2015. He has presented at the 5th International Conference of Food Studies in 2015 and been awarded a Graduate Scholar Award to attend the same conference in 2016. He plans on finishing his MPA degree in the spring of 2017 and going on to pursue a PhD in Public Policy.


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