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The mission of the Art and Design Department at USI reflects the educational intention of the USI mission statement which "seeks to support education, social and economic growth, and civic and cultural awareness" in order to prepare students to "live wisely." Therefore the goals of the Art and Design Department are structured to address these intentions and apply to all art students, whether in studio art, graphic design, art education or art history. The following goals are implemented by objectives developed in specific courses and related activities of the Art and Design Department.

  • To prepare students to become creative, open-minded, ethical, informed and contributing citizens through degree programs that blend the traditional core of liberal arts and science education with the most current aesthetic, critical, conceptual, pedagogical and technical art and art history knowledge and skills.
  • To assist students in developing the critical thinking, creative problem-solving, work ethic and oral and written communication skills necessary to enter the professional fields of studio art, graphic design, art education or art history, or to pursue further educational goals.
  • To support students and faculty in the advancement of the visual arts through education, research, service learning and engagement at the University and in the community, the region and the state.

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