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The USI Theatre Program presents students with exciting experiences that carry the work of the classroom forward into the practical realm of the University's fully-produced season of plays, a season that ranges from such classic playwrights as Sophocles and Shakespeare to contemporary plays and musicals. Moreover, these productions enjoy a professional component rare at any University, including those with robust graduate programs.

This professional component is made possible by a unique relationship between between USI's academic program and the New Harmony Theatre, a professional summer repertory company produced by the University and employing theatre artists from all over the United States each year. Not only can USI Theatre students receive their first professional experience working at this theatre, but with dedicated mentoring and placement guidance from the faculty,  students also begin to work in other professional  theatres around the country during their study, so there are always opportunities to pursue, both in and out of the classroom. 

12 Angry Jurors presented in 2008 Furthermore, a new program of joint productions between the the University and New Harmony theatres called The Repertory Project, has brought the professional connection into the Fall production season and a special internship class that organizes the project.  No other program of study can do more to provide real professional experience to its students.  The USI program is unique, not only in the state of Indiana and its immediate region, but in a national context as well, where the practical experience it provides rivals that of the finest graduate schools in the country.

The USI program is dedicated to serving the professional ambitions of its students. However, as Baccalaureate candidates, students prepare for a full range of possibilities following their college experience. Therefore, while a strong professional focus is maintained throughout the program, the USI Theatre program of study has far-ranging applications, greatly increasing students' sense of personal discipline, their critical thinking, and their communication skills. Graduates of the program are generally well-prepared for graduate study, specialized internships in the field, as well as for the professional world. Many will seek a career in teaching, combining their study with a Secondary Education field, such as English. Others may pursue the study of Law.

The Theatre Program at USI believes strongly that Theatre students, regardless of their area of focus, must have an appreciation for the theatre as a whole. It, therefore, requires a balance between performance and technical subject areas. All students are required to take some history or survey classes, as well. Still, the program provides a great deal of flexibility, enabling performance students to choose Acting, Directing, and Playwriting electives, while technology and design students may develop equally in the areas of Lighting, Scenery and Costume. Special Topics classes are periodically offered to address alternative interests and the needs of the students, as well. Download Checksheet for the University Core Curriculum

In addition to the departmental degree requirements, a minimum of 50 hours in the University Core Curriculum must be met.

Theatre Arts Major Download Checksheet for Theatre Arts Major

(The following requirements are for students
declaring a major during Fall 2012 or later)

43 Total Hours

Required courses ~ 25 Hours

Elective courses ~ 18 Hours

(Note: Any of the courses above not selected as a required class can be selected as an elective)

THTR 101 (3) Intro to Theatre
THTR 150 (3) Practicum in Dance
THTR 226 (3) Production Graphics
THTR 235 (3) Stage Make-up
THTR 236 (3) Costume Crafts: Jewelry, Millinery, Fabric Modification
THTR 252 (3) Acting II
THTR 253 (3) Voice and Diction
THTR 260 (3) Intermediate Dance Practicum
THTR 326 (3) Computer-Aided Design
THTR 351 (3) Acting III
THTR 352 (3) Acting IV
THTR 353 (3) Musical Theatre I
THTR 354 (3) Musical Theatre II
THTR 360 (3) Practicum in Dance—Advanced Level
THTR 361 (3) Playwriting
THTR 381 (3) Stage Management
THTR 400 (1-3) Independent Study in Theatre Arts (6 hours max)
THTR 427 (3) Advanced Scene Design
THTR 490 (3) Repertory Theatre Internship
THTR 498 (3) Internship in Theatre Arts
THTR 499 (3) Special Topics in Theatre Arts (without limit with topic change)

Students receive a well-rounded education in all areas of theatrical production with classes that develop expertise in acting, directing, design, stagecraft, play analysis, and theatre history. Theatre majors are required to participate in University productions. Productions take place at The Mallette Studio Theatre, a 125-seat experimental black-box theatre, located on the lower level of the Liberal Arts Center.

The program also offers opportunities in acting or production in either of its professional summer theatres. The New Harmony Theatre is a union-affiliated resident company which presents a summer season in historic New Harmony, Indiana. 

Theatre Arts Minor Download Checksheet for Theatre Arts Minor

(The following requirements are for students
declaring a minor during Fall 2012 or later)

18 semester hours

The theatre minor is offered in order to enable students with a decided passion for a particular area of the theatre study, but who wish to pursue other interests, as well, to realize a shorter, more specialized program of study.

Required courses ~ 6 Hours

THTR 101 (3) Introduction to Theatre
THTR 120 (1) Theatre Laboratory (2 Semesters)
THTR 320 (1) Theatre Laboratory

Elective courses ~ 12 hours
6 hours must be at the 300-400 level
Students must observe all prerequisites

THTR 102 (3) Intro to Theatrical Productions
THTR 150 (3) Practicum in Dance
THTR 224 (3) Production Technology
THTR 226 (3) Production Graphics
THTR 234 (3) Costume Technology
THTR 235 (3) Stage Make-up
THTR 236 (3) Costume Crafts
THTR 243 (3) Lighting Technology
THTR 251 (3) Acting I
THTR 252 (3) Acting II
THTR 253 (3) Voice and Diction
THTR 260 (3) Intermediate Dance Practicum
THTR 326 (3) Computer-Aided Design
THTR 327 (3) Scene Design
THTR 337 (3) Costume Design
THTR 347 (3) Lighting Design
THTR 351 (3) Acting III
THTR 352 (3) Acting IV
THTR 353 (3) Musical Theatre I
THTR 354 (3) Musical Theatre II
THTR 360 (3) Practicum in Dance—Advanced Level
THTR 361 (3) Playwriting
THTR 371 (3) History of Theatre I
THTR 372 (3) History of Theatre II
THTR 400 (1-3) Independent Study in Theatre (6 hours max)
THTR 427 (3) Advanced Scene Design
THTR 473 (3) History of Western Drama I (cross-listed with ENG 433)
THTR 474 (3) History of Western Drama II (cross-listed with ENG 434)
THTR 487 (3) Intro to Stage Direction
THTR 490 (3) Repertory Theatre Internship (may be repeated twice )
THTR 498 (3) Internship-Theatre Arts
THTR 499 Special Topics in Theatre (without limit with topic change)

Theatre Arts Teaching MinorDownload Checksheet for Theatre Arts Teaching Minor

(Implementation date is Fall 2009)

24 Theatre Arts semester hours

___THTR 102 (3) Intro to Theatrical Productions
___THTR 224 (3) Production Technology
___THTR 234 (3) Costume Technology
___THTR 243 (3) Lighting Technology
___THTR 251 (3) Acting I
___THTR 487 (3) Intro to Stage Directing

Choose One:
___THTR 371 (3) History of Theatre I
___THTR 372 (3) History of Theatre II

Choose One:
___THTR 327 (3) Scene Design
___THTR 337 (3) Costume Design
___THTR 347 (3) Lighting Design

Students must observe all prerequisites.

Note:  When supplemented with appropriate Education courses, this minor leads to Fine Arts/Theatre Arts Certification in the Teacher Education Program.