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Microsoft Office @ Home

This software is available to FACULTY & STAFF only.  It is NOT available to Alumni or Retirees.

Current USI STUDENTS should go to for their Microsoft Office download instructions.

DISCLAIMER: The University of Southern Indiana has a Microsoft Campus agreement to lease specific software.  The University is extending to faculty and staff the right to use the software for school-related purposes at home. You do NOT own the license or the CDs: rather you are leasing the license from the University for the term of the agreement. The software will need to be removed from your computer if the Campus Agreement is not renewed or if you leave the University. 

USI Employees have 2 choices for downloading Microsoft office software.  Option one is free.  The second option will cost $9.95. It appears to be a no-brainer, but there are subtle reasons why the second choice might be more appealing. 

How to get Microsoft Office – Option 1.

1) Log into MyUSI, (Images Below)

2) Click the Office 365 icon (On Left)

3) Click Office 365 (Top Left)

4) Uncheck the 2 boxes, and click “Install Now” (Right Side)

Office 365_icon

Office 365_button

O 365Install Now (4)

How to get Microsoft Office 2016 – Option 2 ($9.95 on Credit card)

1) Follow THIS link  (


If you should have any questions regarding these services, please contact our Help Desk at (812) 465-1080 or email us by clicking Contact us in the top right of this page.

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