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Import Univ Calendar

Import University Calendar events

These instructions tell you how to import the 2017-18 University Calendar events into your outlook calendar.

The import function is only available if you are using Microsoft Outlook. You CANNOT import using Outlook WEB.  

This import file contains events like Finals, Registration, and University Holidays along with a few other important dates.  Each event is listed as an ALL DAY event and it does NOT have a reminder.

*Mac users - after getting most of you to switch to the Outlook client, away from Mac Mail - it seems that we will have to use the Mac Mail/calendar client to import these dates.  Also, I struggled to get the ics file to bring in all-day events.  So, your file will have events that are between 7:00 am and 8:00 am.

PC Users               Mac Users

Download this CSV file 
Dates 2017-18 

Download this ICS file
Dates 2017-18

PC Users

1. Download the CSV file.  By clicking on the link your computer should save the file to your Downloads Location.  (typically C:\users\username\downloads)

2. Close all messages in Outlook

3. Click FILE, then OPTIONS (left)

4. Click ADVANCED (left)

5. Click EXPORT (on right)


7. Choose COMMA SEPARATED VALUES (Windows)  (Next)

8. Click Browse, and choose the CalendarImport2017_18.csv file that you saved in Step 1 (Click OK)

9. Select "REPLACE duplicates with items imported" (next)

10. *IMPORTANT* Choose your CALENDAR folder. This is One level below the MAILBOX-Your Name folder OR your email address. (Next)

(DO NOT choose Inbox or a Calendar folder under your archive or personal folder)

See image below – it helps to compress the archive and personal folders

11. Click Finish. It should start running at this point...WAIT

12. To check if this worked properly, go to December 8, 2017 and you should see "Final Exams" as an all-day event.

IF your calendar event is Not color coded (like mine above) and you want that, then do the next few steps.  You will do these steps on ONE event, and ALL the imported events will become color coded.

To Assign Color to the New events

The import file 'labeled' each calendar entry as a BUSINESS category.

1. Double click on the Final Exam event on Dec 8 (or any event we just added).

2. Choose CATEGORIZE (in the ribbon).

3. Choose ALL Categories

4. Check Business

5. New

6. Choose a color - I picked a Royal Blue.

7. Name it Business, OK, OK

** If you have trouble with these instructions call my student helpers at x1064 or the Helpdesk at x1080.  You can also start a help ticket by sending an email to 

MAC Users - you usually know how to handle the import.  I am hoping that this file works for you.  I spent a LOT of time trying to get this file right.

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