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Events Calendar

Here's the upcoming events you can attend for activity points: 

Honors Events:

  1. Honors Student Assembly meeting, Thursday, 2/22 at 5:30 in Forum 2 – activity point!

Come hear what your HSA officers have planned for the semester, meet other Honors students, and enjoy pizza.

2. Honors Student Assembly meeting, 4/2 at 5:30 in Forum 2 - activity point!

Other Academic/Cultural Events:

For these events, email after the event with your name, ID#, event name and date, and a thoughtful paragraph of what you learned at the event to get your activity point. If you know of upcoming events we should announce, please email and let us know!

  1. French Film Festival: Fridays at 7 pm in Forum 1 from 1/19 – 2/23 – earn activity point! You may not receive more than 2 points for these movies.

Free and open to the public. All films with English subtitles


  1. Documentary: “Lost Angels: Skid Row is My Home.” Evansville native Terri “Detroit” Hughes will share her journey during a public screening of the documentary. 2/19, 6:30 in Carter Hall


  1. Spoken word poet Kavindu “Kavi” Ade: Performance of “Intersectionality” and Q&A 2/20, 6:00 pm in Forum 1 – earn activity point!


  1. Mandela Social Justice Day: Tia Oso keynote address “Chaos or Community: The Persistent Question in Achieving Racial Progress and Human Rights” 2/21, 6 pm in Carter Hall (UC) – earn activity point!


  1. Presentation by USI’s Mike Strezewski: “USI Archaeology at the Mann Site – Amazing Prehistoric Remains Under Our Noses”

2/23, 3:00 in Kleymeyer Hall (basement of LA)


  1. USI’s American Chemical Society Student Chapter – National Webinar on the Opioid Crisis. 2/27, 6:00 in Forum 2

What makes opioid compounds so addictive? What treatments and medications help with addiction? How are chemists working to make prescription pain killers safer and harder to abuse?


  1. Presentation by Dr. Guisela Latorre: Ohio State University: “Chicana Feminist Murals of Resistance.” 2/28, 7:00 in Kleymeyer Hall (basement of LA)


  1. Shaw Biology Lecture by Adam P. Summers. “From Finding Nemo to Finding Patents.” 3/21, 7:00 in Mitchell Auditorium.

Dr. Summers runs the comparative biomechanics and biomaterials lab at Friday Harbor Lab. He visualizes 3D fish anatomy with CT scans.


  1. Presentation by USI’s Lisa Seif and Iris Phillips: 3/23, 3:00 in Kleymeyer Hall (basement of LA)


  1. Presentation by USI’s Susan Sauls: “Quilting in Community: The Morton Southern Indiana Contemporary Amish Quilt Collection.”

4/13, 3:00 in Kleymeyer Hall (basement of LA)


  1. USI Theater production: Into the Woods. 4/19-22




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