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During a typical visit to the University Health Center, you will be greeted by the receptionist who will check you in and notify the clinical staff of your arrival.

On your first visit, you will be asked to fill out a patient information form and present insurance information.

The nurse will get your height and weight and accompany you to one of the exam rooms to get your vital signs.

The health provider that you see will assist you with a plan of treatment for the condition that brought you to the Health Center.

Health Services:

  1. Routine gynecological services.*
  2. Routine care for acute illnesses.
  3. Observation is available for students who need short-term medical observation (during business hours). Overnight care is not provided.
  4. Mental health appointments can be made at the University Health Center for medication and management of a wide range of emotional problems. Discussions are confidential. Counseling will be available to students through community agencies, USI counselors, or other sources as needed.* Fees can be established with a sliding scale, as available.
  5. Public health activities are carried out by the University Health Center and the Deaconess Wellness staff for both routine and emergency public health functions for the campus.
  6. Educational material on multiple student health problems is available in the University Health Center.
  7. Pregnancy tests are available. Some STD testing is available at reduced fees through the State of Indiana Health Department.

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Womans Health:


  • Pap smear only
  • Pap smear w/ Gonorrhea/Chlamydia/Trich testing - collected and sent to an outside lab
  • Gential exam for yeast or bacterial infections

STD Testing:

  • GC/CT/Trich - collected and sent to an outside lab
  • Additional testing available
    • HIV
    • RPR
    • Herpes Culture

Birth Control:

  • Depo Provera Injections*
  • Condoms are available by request at no charge*
  • Oral contraception*
  • Referral to local GYN physician for devices such as IUD/Implants

*Birth control methods currently dispensed by the University Health Center.

Healthcare providers may write prescriptions for other types of birth control not offered in the University Health Center.


Immunizations and physical exams required as a condition for enrollment in certain programs are available at the University Health Center during the summer months for students who are pre-registered for the fall semester.

These are provided on a fee-for-service basis.

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