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Fees & Insurance

Fees And Insurance

Responsibilities of the student who incurs charges at the University Health Center are as follows:

  1. If you have private health insurance, you must present your card upon check-in, and the University Health Center will file an insurance claim to your insurance carrier. It is the patient's responsibility to be aware of any specific requirements about their insurance coverage. 

  2. If the patient does not have health insurance, payment is expected in full is expected at the time of service. For those patients without insurance, a discount will be applied.

    MasterCard and Visa are accepted. If it is impossible for payment to be made on that date, payment is expected in full within 30 days.

  3. Questions about bills received from the University Health Center should be directed to the billing department at Deaconess Patient Financial Services at 812/450-6815 or 812/450-6816. 

  4. Failure to pay will result in the account being turned over to a collection agency.

To meet the needs of students both with and without private health insurance, we have developed an office visit plan (OVP) for a fee of $47 per semester. The OVP covers all office visits incurred during a semester. The plan was developed for the convenience of our students who need easy access to a medical provider between classes, or while away from home. It eliminates any co-payment that may be necessary with other insurance providers and provides discounted fees on certain procedures. (Click on the link above for more details)

Services related to hospitalization, surgical procedures, referrals to specialists, and accident care (typically "insured services") are not covered by the OVP.

Students are expected to have their own health insurance to pay these expenses.

Patients will be responsible for verifying insurance requirements and coverage for specialist referrals and referrals for additional laboratory or radiology services.

Many students are covered by their parents' insurance.

Students who are married or who are no longer considered dependents on a family policy will need their own health insurance policies. We highly recommend you always have health insurance.

In the event a chronic condition is newly diagnosed, you may find you are unable to buy health insurance to cover your treatment because it would be considered a pre-existing condition.

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