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Health Requirements

All students admitted to a clinical program in the College of Nursing and Health are required to meet the health requirements including immunizations as noted in the CNHP Infection Control Policy. All records are maintained by CastleBranch. Please refer to the CNHP Infection Control Policy found in the CNHP Handbook located on the CNHP website under About the College.                                   

Students must be physically and mentally able to perform all functions commonly associated with the practice of professional nursing. Typical abilities include:

  1. Full use of upper and lower extremities necessary for walking, stooping, reaching, and handling of persons and/or objects.
  2. Able to lift up to 50 pounds.
  3. Able to carry objects weighing up to 25 pounds.
  4. Clear speech and auditory acuity.
  5. Far and near vision acuity, field vision and color vision.
  6. Eye-hand coordination and finger and hand dexterity to perform nursing procedures and write legibly.

Pregnancy and Change in Health Status

Student pregnancy or a change in health status is to be reported to the clinical instructor.  A physician's consent is required for students to continue clinical agency experiences.  After surgery or other hospitalization, a physician's release to return to clinical is required.

Health Insurance and Health Care Responsibility

Students are expected to have health care insurance while enrolled in the program. The student is responsible for all costs related to their health care, including any costs associated with any type of clinical exposure, while enrolled in the program

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