University of Southern Indiana

Graduate Tuition & Fees



2016-2017 Fall/Spring Graduate Tuition
Indiana Resident
$351.53/credit hour
$692.95/credit hour

Program fees in addition to current tuition rates:

  • MS in Nursing:  $100/credit hour
  • MS in Occupational Therapy:  $100/credit hour
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice:  $150/credit hour
Mandatory Fees
University Services Fee
$30 (8 or more credit hours per semester)
University Services Fees
$22.75 (more than 3 and fewer than 8 credit hours per semester)
University Services Fee
$10 (3 or fewer hours per semester)
Other Fees
Application Fee
$40 (one-time fee)
Estimate $550 per semester

Transportation and Parking Fee

  • $69.00 (3 or fewer hours)
  • $92.00 (more than 3 and fewer than 8 credit hours)
  • $115.00 (8 or more credit hours per semester)
Matriculation Fee
$150 (One-time, non-refundable fee for orientation and welcome week activities paid by all new students who register for classes regardless of actual attendance.)

Distance Education Fees

Office Visit Plan
$47 per semester
New incoming students living in University Housing are required to subscribe.

Student Activity Fee

Laboratory Fees

Housing (all prices include cable, utilities, phone per semester)

Two Bedroom Apartment

  • 4 Person/2 Bedroom Apartment $2,182
  • 2 Person/2 Bedroom Apartment $3,860*

One Bedroom Apartment*

  • 2 Person/1 Bedroom Apartment $2,622
  • 1 Person/1 Bedroom Apartment $4,828

* Limited availability 

"Do-it-yourself" Home Cooking
$900 per semester

Based on $50 a week spent at the grocery store. This is not a meal plan but rather an estimate of what students may spend on groceries for the semester.

Meal Plans
Red Eagle - $1,956
White Eagle - $1,956
Blue Eagle - $1,956
Titanium I & II  $1,189
Platinum  I & II - $930
Gold  I & II - $730



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