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Guidelines governing residency status

The University of Southern Indiana Board of Trustees has established the following regulations regarding the "residence classification" of students attending the University.

 These regulations establish the policy under which students shall be classified as residents, reciprocal, or non-residents for fee purposes at the University of Southern Indiana. Students classified as non-residents shall be required to pay as a non-resident student. The assessment of fees for any semester or session will be governed by the residence classification at the time of registration.

These regulations became effective May 20, 1974, and were amended by the reciprocity policy in September 1991. No person properly classified as a resident student before May 20, 1974, shall be adversely affected by these regulations if the student attended college before this date and while the student remains continuously enrolled, as long as the circumstances under which the student was ruled a resident remain constant.

Residency Application and Guidelines


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