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Program Objectives  

The mission of the University of Southern Indiana MSW Program is to prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and values for clinical social work practice with diverse populations and emerging social issues. We strive to produce professional social workers who promote growth and empowerment of clients in a dynamic multidimensional social context. 

The MSW Program prepares students to utilize the systems model for planned change through generalist and advanced clinical social work practice. In response to evolving community needs the Department has developed a solid clinical concentration. 

The program offers three tracks at USI: a full-time two-year track, a full-time advanced standing track and a two-year advanced standing evening track (offered even years). Applicants for the advanced standing programs must have a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree from a Council on Social Work Education accredited program. Students must apply to a specific "track" (e.g. two year full-time) and must stay on that track in order to complete a program of study leading to the MSW degree.


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