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MA in Communication

Program Objectives

The Master of Arts program provides students with an interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving in the field of communication in areas as diverse as technological change, international relations, conflict and negotiation, organizational functioning, personal relationships, regional economic development, corporate responsibility, community outreach, and consensus and coalition building.  We deliberately adopt pedagogical techniques, such as a case study approach, that develop our students' problem solving abilities and critical thinking skills.  Our hands on capstone experience connects our students' learning experience with real-life problems and will provide a service to the community.  For students who want to pursue advanced graduate studies, we also offer a thesis option that allows them to gain experience in academic research.

Students who complete the M.A. in Communication will be able to apply their increased knowledge of communication processes, contexts, theories, and research methodologies to further their career and educational goals.

  • To produce graduates who are skilled and logical problem solvers and who can apply those skills to real solutions.
  • To equip students with analytical and practical tools that foster the ability to lead
  • To develop and deliver a program flexible enough to serve practitioners and aspiring academics alike
  • To offer a program full-time students can complete in two years of study
  • To offer a program that part-time students can complete in three to four years


About the Program

Program Admission Requirements

Program Curriculum

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