University of Southern Indiana

2018-2019 Funding Priorities

Health Services Endowment 
As the College of Nursing and Health Professions enhances and expands its programs, it will need the flexibility to adapt to changes within the healthcare field to keep students and faculty on the cutting edge in their respective areas of study and profession. The USI Health Sciences Endowment will allow the University to respond quickly in support of student, faculty, and program development beyond the projected, budgeted items. This measure will help ensure USI maintains its reputable Nursing and Health Professions programs.

Scholarships for a Diverse Student Population 
It’s important to have a diverse student body. Representation of a variety of cultures, ethnicities, and socioeconomic statuses allows our students to learn from one another as they prepare to live wisely in a diverse and global community. 

Infrastructure and Technology for the Stone Family Center for Health Sciences  
The infrastructure and technology fund will enable USI to equip six classrooms, an occupational therapy laboratory, occupational therapy classroom, two seminar rooms, and offices in the Center with hands-on technology, creating advanced learning environments that supplement students’ clinical experience prior to their interactions with patients. Technology will enhance collaboration and interaction within the classroom setting and beyond, while best preparing students for work in their respective professions.

Byron C. Wright Scholarship   
There is a need for scholarships benefitting students who are not eligible to receive federal grant or state grant aid, but have demonstrated financial need as defined by USI. A gap currently exists between students’ expected family contribution to tuition and financial aid; many families make just enough annual income to not qualify for aid, but not enough to cover tuition costs. This situation is becoming increasingly common, which is why the USI Foundation established this scholarship fund. Byron Wright, USI’s first CEO, was heavily involved in the development and strategic planning of the University.

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