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What is SAFE Ride?
Ycc2SAFE Ride is a program developed for USI students by the Student Government Association, Dean of Students office, Counseling Center, and Evansville’s River City Yellow Cab Company. The program provides a safe alternative for emergency situations when other transportation is unavailable. It is a “way out” of dangerous or potentially-dangerous situations by giving USI students safe transportation homethrough the River City Yellow Cab Company’s service within the local area.

How do I use it?
SAFE Ride can be used by any currently-enrolled student with a USI student ID card. The process for using the program is simple. Call River City Yellow Cab at 429-0000 and say, “I want a cab for USI SAFE Ride.” You must identify the ride as a SAFE Ride request so the cab company can verify your eligibility before dispatching the cab.  Upon arrival you must show your USI Eagles Access card.

This program is an alternative to driving under the influence of alcohol, getting out of situations of dating or domestic violence, to provide alternative transportation to a safe location after a car breakdown, or transportation to a medical facility or social service agency. This service is not intended to be used as on-going transportation, when other means of transportation is readily available, or for long-distance travel.

How much does it cost?
Although SAFE Ride is not a free service, there is no charge at the time the ride is taken. A $20 limit per ride, with a $50 credit limit, has been established. Students are expected to pay their bill at the University cashier’s office within ten days of the service. As long as the fees are paid each month, the program can be continually used. The cost for using SAFE Ride is the same as regular cab fare, but USI students are given a ride on credit at the time, and the fee is billed to their student account.

Sometimes the situations necessitating a call to SAFE Ride can be very troubling and have lasting implications. The USI Counseling Center is available to discuss any problems you may be having, 464-1867. The Counseling Center is staffed by professional counselors and all services are strictly confidential.

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