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Investment Accounting Track

The Romain College of Business has partnered with SS&C Technologies, a global financial services technology firm, to lead and immerse business students in the principles and software technologies of the rapidly growing field of accounting for alternative investments.

Why get an accounting degree with a concentration in investment accounting?
The world of investment accounting is constantly evolving, and students can get ahead in this field by pursuing an accounting degree in the Investment Accounting Track with USI. The Investment Accounting Track is a cutting edge educational opportunity for students who aspire to a career involving:

  • accounting for investments,
  • reporting of investments, or
  • working for other financial institutions that manage alternative assets.

The track also nicely complements students who are considering public accounting. Accounting majors in the Investment Accounting Degree Track explore the complex issues surrounding a variety of alternative investments such as:

  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity Funds/Real Estate
  • Venture Capital Funds
  • Derivatives
  • Commodities

SS&C Investment Accounting Accelerator
SS&C Technologies, a global provider of financial services software and software-enabled services, has partnered with the Romain College of Business to deliver a unique state of the art software tool called the SS&C Investment Accounting Accelerator. Software available to students includes portfolio and partnership accounting for hedge funds and private equity funds; portfolio management of family offices, hedge funds, and private equity funds; and private equity operations, data management and investor reporting.   

The Investment Accounting Track is the latest of the five specialized tracks developed for accounting majors at USI. The unique courses in the Investment Accounting Degree Track include:

FIN 433 Principles of Investments
ACCT 451 Accounting for Investments I: Equity & Alternative Assets
ACCT 452 Accounting for Investments II: Debt & Interest Rate Instruments
ACCT 461 Investment Accounting Operations, Regulations, & Compliance

SS&C Technologies in NYC Hosts USI Students

A truly unique experience, SS&C GlobeOp hosted USI faculty members and Investment Accounting Track students in their Manhattan office. Representatives from SS&C give students valuable insight into the lives of professionals in the alternative investment industry. Students also take a walking tour of the Financial District of Manhattan.

More information about the Accounting program and various track options can be found in the USI Bulletin

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