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The Activities Programming Board (APB) celebrates over 40 years of student event planning. Beginning as the Student Union Board in 1969, it has evolved into APB - the largest event planning student organization on USI's campus.

APB gains its authority from Student Development Programs and Student Affairs. All APB executive members and committee chairs derive their authority from the voting membership of APB. 

Our programming exists to provide entertainment outside of the classroom.

The Activities Programming Board has committee applications available throughout the first weeks of the fall semester. All interested students with a 2.25 cumulative GPA or higher are welcome to apply for a committee position through OrgSync.

For more information on the committee chairs, view the Leadership page.

Contact Us

The Activities Programming Board is located in the lower level of University Center East in room 0250.


Activities Programming Board: Advisor of the Activities Programming Board:


Main Office: 812-464-1872
President's Office: 812-464-1278 
Vice President's Office: 812-228-5104

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