University of Southern Indiana

Student Ambassadors


What is the Student Ambassador Organization?

The SAO is a group of individuals that features the very best of what USI has to offer.  Although each member of the SAO is unique regarding personality, interests and background, all members share one common thread - pride and enthusiasm for their university...the University of Southern Indiana.

Currently, Student Ambassadors serve as University representatives, recruiters, hosts, tour guides, and leaders.  The purpose of the organization is to provide guests with University information and a current student's view of campus life at USI.  The goal of the SAO is to promote USI to prospective students, current students and alumni.

Organizational Functions

  • Conduct tours of campus and housing
  • Correspond with prospective students (e-mail, congratulation notes, etc.)
  • Serve on student information panels
  • Perform duties as hosts/hostesses at Admission events (Southern Hospitality Day, Scholars' Day, Greater Evansville College Fair, receptions, etc.)
  • Assist with mass mailings
  • Assist with telemarketing campaigns


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